« Al takia » or the Islamist art of fooling the enemy

"Al takia" or the Islamist art of fooling the enemy

In the name of the free, rational Man

May logic, tolerance and the right to difference eventually prevail over the totalitarian grip of Islamism.

Finally, we’d like to thank all those who responded to the invitation and came to hear us, open-mindedly and unprejudicedly, to take part in this international struggle that can’t be ignored anymore. From Elsewhere or from Here But Together, we will defeat this cancer that is poisoning us more and more everyday, as an epidemic ravaging everything on its way.

As an ex-Muslim Tunisian atheist, I’d rather have had this first public speech take place in my home country. But I keep hope, and I’m working with everyone’s support for this situation to change in the near future. I don’t have much time, but I’ll try to best sum up this huge and tricky subject called the takia.

Application fields of the takia
For many people, the takia (meaning « dissimulation » or « double language » in Arab) is limited to the field of religion. Many others attribute it only to Shiism. Others associate it exclusively with simulation. However, the takia is applied in all Islamic movements, be they political, economic, military or religious. Simulation per se is only one form of takia.

There are two main forms of takia:

    • I/ Defensive takia:

Resorting to the defensive takia helps protect oneself from any external aggression that may even threaten one’s life. Minorities use it in case of self-defence to protect their right to difference. Some sectarian orders, such as Shiism or Sufism, also use this form of takia for their own survival. Finally, an individual, too, can use it to protect himself from his family and friends – but I won’t linger on this aspect as it actually comes within classical, harmless simulation.

  • II/ Tactical takia:
    the tactical takia has a strong political connotation. It is used by those who seek to impose, sooner or later, their authority over a nation or the whole world. This form of takia enables them to work for the destruction of human diversity and richness through sophisticated techniques, which I will sum up in three main points:
  • 1) First of all, the methods used must be as diverse as possible to win over a maximum of followers of very different levels.
  • 2) Then, the procedure must be applied step by step to gradually infiltrate the minds and gently subject them to an authority.
  • 3) Finally, the tacticians must be able to adapt to the various situations they face, according to their existing strength and means.

This type of takia re-emerged with Muhammad at the Mecca. In complicity with his tribe of Bani Hachem, Muhammad wanted to form a sort of opposition to the social, political and religious powers led at the time by the tribe of Bani Oumaia. Their prime objective was none other than to impose their authority over this region of the globe and to unite all Arab tribes in the name of one god, « Allah », and of one religion, « Islam », until they would rule all mankind.

Due to the difficulty of this mission, the various protagonists, and Muhammad at their head, adopted the tactical takia to better meet the main requirements of this new totalitarian belief. So it was that Muhammad exploited the absence of a religion peculiar to Arabs and with its own sacred book, to impose on them a despotic ideology. It was thanks to his mastery of the takia that he managed to maintain his authority and to expand it, slowly but surely, on a global scale.

« Everyone is the fruit of their past »
Before I talk about the tactical takia, I’d like to say a few words about my past as an ex-fundamentalist who once belonged to an international Islamic network. It was this experience that made me consider the full scale and importance of the takia. It was again this experience that made me realize the threat it represents to humanity. And yet, some people will tell me that as I spent only four years in a terrorist network, and moreover at a young age, I can’t afford to disclose so much information on the Islamic danger.

Well, I’ll answer them that it takes only four years to get a Master’s degree or even a PhD. When you spend four years studying one and only subject, while taking private lessons, reading hundreds of hand-picked books and watching hundreds of videotapes, I think that you still get to remember something about the way it works – not to mention the missions and trips ordered by the network that led me into the heart of the Western world, and especially in Tunisia.

I’d just like to draw your attention to the hundreds of young people who, like me, have become adults while receiving the same training. Though I personally managed to get out of it, these men still belong to the network and are working relentlessly for the realization of its horrifying plans. I must also point out that I’m talking here only about the network I knew closely, leaving aside all those I don’t know and that work just as actively to achieve the same goal.

Though I’m not asking you to take my word for it, I’m asking you to realize the scale of this threat and to think about what I’m denouncing, regardless of the names and form exposed in my testimony Karim my brother. It’s been over fifteen years since I left the network, that I’ve been taking stock and analyzing the way Islamists work, and I am now realizing with anxiety, in the light of international current affairs, that what I learnt there is taught in all Islamic movements throughout the world.

My experience is thus limited to approaching one Islamic tentacular organization among many others. Each of them presents itself as the sole legitimate representative of the khilafa (succession) of the divine will on Earth, so as to extend Islam to all humanity in the name of Allah. All these organizations differ only in that they operate according to their respective lines of thinking – but the aim is the same.

The more time goes by, the greater and harder to fight the danger becomes. All possible means should be used to eradicate this evil and prevent it from expanding any further. All together, whether we work in the government, in clubs, in the intellectual elite, in the media, in business or in the arts, we should unite to fight effectively against this fanaticism which deprives us of our liberties and differences in the name of some Allah.

« The takia as I know it
The takia « is our and our parents’ true religion. He who does not exercise it considers himself as not practicing genuine Islam », said Imam Ali (the first infallible Shiite imam).

As the theme of this colloquium is « Islam against Islam », the takia I’m talking about here is the one used by rissalists (messengers) in particular, and by Islamists in general since they all base themselves on the same ideology. I will just explain the network’s viewpoint to help you better figure out how it works, so we can adopt appropriate solutions to fight this unprecedented madness – which exists among all Islamists, whether Shiite or Sunni, though with a slight difference… For Shiites, only Ahl and Beith have the right to take power over all Muslims, who must in turn submit to them so that they can establish the Khilafa on Earth, whereas for Sunnis, this power falls to religious leaders. All Islamists share the same ambition, only their visions differ.

When I began studying the takia, I thought it was an intensive course – as is common in the ordinary training units of any secret organization. But as time went by, I came to realize that the takia is much more than a mere occasional practice of simulation. It is actually a fully-fledged belief, an unshakeable faith in an infallible tactic which must sooner or later result in the desired objective. Yes, the takia is much more than a simple attitude to adopt; it is a self-sufficient sectarian behavior. It is a religion per se and a practice supported by an unshakeable faith, which can be applied at any level. For rissalists, the takia is more important than the five pillars of Islam; it must always come first so as to remain elusive. The takia is much more political than religious, and besides, it can be perfectly assimilated only by those who had the opportunity to exercise it regularly.

The takia, representative of the blood tissue of this international tentacular organization, adapts to the members of the rissalist body who work in the shadow, so they can pull the strings without getting noticed. Those men apply the network’s motto, a quote by Imam Ali: « Be among them but don’t be part of them ». In this way, they’re sure not to become obvious targets that will be eliminated as soon as the network claims responsibility for an attack.

Let me make myself clear: by the word « rissalist », I mean « Islamic » in general, and by « Islamic » only, I mean all those who believe that the representation of the divine nature on Earth should be achieved in the name of Allah and through the international Islamic movement. Indeed, my knowledge is limited to what I learnt in this network, but when I look at the way Islamic movements work today, I see that they’re all progressing in this direction and that they’re all aiming at the same goal. Therefore, consciously or not, each and every Islamist lives on this ideal of a world dominated by Islam.

The takia’s origin according to the El Rissali network

I know this whole thing may look like science-fiction, but what can surpass fiction, if not reality? According to the network, the takia was the very first lesson God taught Adam after creating him. Then, armed with this knowledge, the latter had to unmask Satan, an expert in this technique, by distinguishing him from the angels among whom he hid to get closer to God, who knew all about his vile intentions. Satan’s extreme skill at using the takia prevented God from attacking him, for lack of flagrante delicto. According to rissalists, this version comes from the following Koranic verse: « When Thy Lord said unto the angels: ‘I am about to place a caliph on the earth’, they said: ‘Wilt Thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood, while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee?’ He said: ‘Verily, I know that which ye know not.' » (Chapter 2, verse 30)

The network claims that the one who spoke on behalf of the angels was none other than Satan himself – who had worked his way up to the top of the pyramid, using the takia to display an exemplary submission to the divine will. This is why God answered the angels, who supported Iblis (« Satan » in Arab) in his opposition to the divine will because they ignored his true intentions: « I know that which ye know not ». In fact, the angels were far from suspecting that Satan wanted to become the sole representative of God on Earth, and that he first had to eliminate Man who was a threat to him. And God had purposely created Adam for him to replace Satan after exposing his true nature by resorting to the takia. Adam then taught this technique to his descendants, who in turn passed it down from generation to generation to the present day.

If we are to believe the network, only the descendants of Muhammad’s family and Israel’s children know this truth. But whereas the Jew uses it to serve Satan, the Muslim applies it to serve God. Still according to the network, Adam would have tasted the fruit of the forbidden tree with the secret complicity of God. Indeed, the network refuses to admit that Adam could have broken a divine order, thereby sinning as Satan had before him. So El Rissali claims that God would have secretly ordered Adam to pretend to sin by breaking the ban on touching the tree. In fact, the latter wanted to make Adam out to be a sinner, so as to show the angels Satan’s dishonesty and schemes to draw Adam away from the straight and narrow. It seems that Adam was a good student and that he learnt well the lesson on the takia…

The network claims that Adam, in this close and secret complicity with God aiming at confusing the issue, did use Eve, symbol of weakness and ignorance, to reinforce his false image of a sinner driven by the devil to disobey the divine order. That’s why the first rule of practicing the takia is to take advantage of the other’s weakness and ignorance (the word « other » here refers to the popular mass, El Aamma). The latter must be used to go unnoticed and melt into the crowd. According to rissalists, these people have no choice: either they submit to the ulemas (theologians) of Islam, or they risk falling into the enemy’s hands. In other words, either they accept to sacrifice themselves to spread the divine will and reach Heaven, or they will be unjustly sacrificed by the enemy and will end up in Hell. Without going into details, I’d like to give you one or two use examples of the takia so you can understand the operating mode of Islamists, for whom human life is infinitely less important than the desired goal.

The first example is the story of Joseph, one of Jacob’s twelve sons. The network claims that the latter would have resorted to the takia in complicity with Joseph and his elder son, so they could go into Egypt. Thus, Jacob would have shown a marked preference for Joseph to make his ten brothers jealous – according to the network, a prophet of God such as Jacob should be a righteous of the righteous; he cannot show favouritism unless required by the takia. The tactic worked perfectly, and when Joseph’s brothers, consumed with jealousy, plotted to assassinate him, his elder brother would have suggested throwing him into a well – while knowing he would be rescued by caravaneers. You know the rest of the story: the aim of this tactical takia was none other than to reach the heart of power in Egypt and then to bring over the whole family.

In the El Qaïm school of the network, this Koranic chapter is studied as an example to follow and a lesson on how the Jews used to use the takia on divine order – and still use it nowadays in the service of Satan to satisfy personal ambitions.

In the second example upheld by the network, the complicity unites Moses’ mother and aunt (the Pharaoh’s wife herself), who supposedly used the takia to help the young boy infiltrate the heart of power in spite of his Jewish descent. On D day, some men around the Pharaoh who worked for the Jews would have warned him that the latter were a threat for his throne. The Pharaoh consequently had all male Jewish newborns assassinated, but was later forced to allow the exodus of Jewish slaves after the ten plagues of Egypt foretold by Moses. According to El Rissali, this is precisely why the Pharaoh’s wife and her sister had conceived of this appalling plan; Moses was to be welcomed into her home. Therefore, the takia allegedly allowed Moses to be spared and raised in the Pharaoh’s palace, so that he could later lead the Jewish people into the Promised Land to prosper and multiply there.

According to the network, the exact same tactic was used by Zionists Jews so the State of Israel could be created. After the Jews had migrated en masse to Europe to prosper and multiply there, Zionist Jews supposedly warned Hitler against the Jewish threat, so he would order the massacre of the century and indirectly urge survivors to accept the creation of Israel. In short, the network claims that if Zionists Jews hadn’t deliberately provoked the genocide of their own people, non-Zionist Jews would never have accepted to leave Europe and settle in Israel.

El Rissali claims that Muhammad too, following in his ancestors’ footsteps, would have used the takia after his first revelation to see his divine mission through. Besides, the progressive revelation of the Koran shows how the takia is used through the principle of El naskh ouel mansoukh, which consists in abrogating a verse to replace it by another one. This abrogation falls within the takia, which is designed to fool the enemy and mislead him.

It wasn’t by chance that Muhammad was supported by the Medinese during his exodus. Indeed, several branches of his followers were already on the spot, waiting patiently for the green light under the mask of the takia. Likewise, the message of tolerance delivered by Muhammad at the beginning of his prophecy was actually only one of the takia’s various applications, consisting in deluding the other, thereby getting enough time to regain strength and change one’s position. Much later, after Muhammad’s death, his cousin Ali, too, supposedly used the takia as he accepted the caliphate of Abou Bakr, one of Muhammad’s apostles, for the sole purpose of protecting himself.

As a matter of fact, it is the whole history of Islam that should be reread in the light of the takia to see through its rhetoric and grasp its original intentions. I won’t dwell any further on the subject, as I will devote a whole chapter on it in my next book: Revolution vs. revelations.

The practice of the takia today
I’m starting with this hadith of Muhammad: « The divergences of my community are a mercy. » Many people interpret this hadith as an appeal to difference between Muslims, and thus as a positive point. It may be so for Muslims, but not in the least for non-Muslims. For Islamists, this hadith is equivalent to the proverb saying: « All roads lead to Rome ». Yet the whole point is to know what Rome represents for all these various Islamic tendencies, from the most moderate to the most barbaric of them. Well, if the answer is to turn the whole world into « Rome », I’m fiercely giving it a categorical « No »: I refuse the Islamic domination of the world, which can occur only by destroying all human diversities.

The modern Islamic takia emerged in the Middle-East after the fall of the Turkish Ottoman empire, with the father of modern political Islamism, Jamel El Dine El Afghani, its apparent symbol referred to by all Islamists, whether Shiite or Sunni. With the Muslim world declining and the Western world emerging as a new international force, the Muslim elite endured a great shock without losing sight of their ultimate goal for all that. For this elite, it was the Muslims’ sleep that had incited Jews to move and settle in the Western world, so as to manipulate it and set it against the Muslims.

For Islamists, Jews would have partly succeeded in destroying the Arab-Muslim world so as to establish Satan’s voice to the detriment of the divine voice. I’m sorry to use such offending words, but I want to give you the best possible account of how the Islamist Internationale works. Actually, the latter claims that the Muslim world was punished by God because it had strayed away from its initial goal, which is to represent the divine will. In short, it would be the Muslims’ fault if Satan’s will prevailed over God’s.

The traditionalist Muslim works on the principle that nothing exists and can exist except for the divine will. He thinks that God orchestrates his life in great detail; it only remains for him to submit to his will and to be careful not to question anything. It is God who guides him on the right path of Islam to preserve his soul from distraction, thus enabling him to reach Heaven. Consequently, every single event is interpreted in light of this reasoning that leaves no place to free will. Every single natural disaster is interpreted as a divine sign. If it happens in the enemy’s camp, it is a sign of support for the Muslim community, but if the disaster hits Muslims, then it is seen as a sign of divine wrath and a call to order.

Therefore, Islam needed to make up for lost time and to come back on the international stage by means of the takia, in order to become a major force again. It was then that Islamic movements with a clear political connotation emerged, seeking to take the reins of power in every nook and cranny of the world. Their attacks hit first the Arab world, then the Muslim world in general before spreading to the whole world.

Besides, I want to tell the Western world that if you keep waiting for evidence, you’ll get more than you need when free mankind will no longer exist. And when that day comes, it will be too late because only Allah and his so-called representatives will have the right to speak. So I will just give you some examples of how the takia is applied nowadays, to show you how difficult it is to gather such evidence.


1) First example: « Moderate Islamism » :
Some Shiite ulemas of today sound as moderate as can be. It is the case of Ayatollah Al Sistani. His followers are seen throughout the world as representatives of a tolerant Islam. Therefore, every door is open to them in Asia, in the Western world and in Africa, where they create organizations and recruit freely among the local populations. It is often forgotten that these pacifist followers are called El moukallidin (blind followers), since they just follow the path of their spiritual leader who has absolute authority over them. In other words, they sound perfectly pacifist as long as their leader preaches peace, but when the latter changes trajectory and appeals for violence, they will obey him instantly and without the slightest hesitation. As soon as the leader will ask his followers to give their lives to God, humanity will fall prey to an uncontrollable and devastating army of kamikazes.

As you must know by now, Shiism, like any recognized Church, has a clergy and a hierarchy. So when an Ayatollah dies, he’s immediately succeeded by another one. Therefore, a pacifist leader who dies and is replaced by a fanatic is cause enough for all the data to get reversed and the situation to become catastrophic. Now I’m going to explain what Al Sistani’s approach consists of when he doesn’t appeal – at least not yet – for war against the Western world. His position can be compared with that of Orthodox Jews who refuse to recognize the State of Israel as long as the Messiah hasn’t returned.

As a matter of fact, a fair fraction of Shiites recommends the status quo as long as the Mehdi (the savior) hasn’t returned to spread the divine word throughout the whole world. Just imagine in what state of panic we would all be in, if tomorrow an Ayatollah issued a fatwa announcing the return of the Mehdi, and if all Muslims around the globe should blindly follow his instructions

This is a tragic example of the possible consequences of the takia – a time bomb that risks blowing up in our face at any time, putting our children and grand children’s lives in constant danger.

Moreover, we should not lose sight of Sunni Islamic movements, such as the Muslim Brothers in Egypt or those in Jordan, in Kuwait or in North Africa, who take advantage of democracy to gain ground and conquer power, in order to turn it into a genuine ultra-religious life dictatorship, designed to extend over several generations.

2) Second example: State Islamism
It is the case of « Islamic » nations, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran or Sudan, and pro-Islamic nations, such as Syria or the Lebanon. (I’m not mentioning Iraq because it falls in neither category; it is an ordinary dictatorship that is in no way actively supported by the Islamic Internationale. Besides, the American attack on Iraq in 2003 was a fatal mistake which will have repercussions in the whole world, since it only strengthened the « Axis of Evil » instead of wiping it out). Those countries that claim to respect international laws actually represent the strongest support to Islamists on a world scale. I wouldn’t say there is state financing, but I can claim that these states often turn a blind eye to the financing networks operating in their territories, and that they encourage their action in three different ways:

1) These states see to it that their respective populations stagnate in ignorance, and do nothing to help them escape the grip of Orthodox religion. On top of the list are Saudi Arabia and most of the Gulf States.

2) The political and media propaganda in these countries defines the Arab-Muslim people and the Oumma Islamia (the Muslim community) as victims of the Jewish-Christian plot, which supposedly seeks to debase them to better dominate them. Just watch a few shows on Arab satellite channels, and you will realize how dangerously such an interpretation of current affairs influences the lower classes – the majority in these societies. This propaganda keeps the popular mass in a constant state of alert, especially since the events of recent years in Palestine and in Iraq.

The result is unsurprising: Islamists have never recruited so many people and have never been so much supported by the popular classes, which can be easily manipulated in that way. Jews and the Western world are presented as prime targets in the streets, in Mosques and even on the internet. That’s why we see an unprecedented return to religion in these countries, which expresses more an opposition to the so-called enemies of Islam and Muslims than a real return to faith.

3) Arab-muslim territories form a key hub for the various logistic and financial dealings of fundamentalist and terrorist movements. Some Arab governments and Islamists have reached a sort of compromise: the latter can operate quietly, provided that they don’t threaten the current government. It’s a way of saying: « I’m turning a blind eye to your scheming so long as it doesn’t backfire on us ». I’m thinking especially of Syria, through which fundamentalists safely transit to reach Iran or Lebanon. All these different protagonists thus work to make Islam a formidable force against the Jewish-Christian coalition.

3) Third example: fundamentalist and terrorist Islamism
No matter if they’re right or wrong; the main thing is to understand that it is their point of view that determines the way they work and that constitutes the foundation of their belief. According to El Rissali, the power of the Shiites over the majority Sunni body would be similar to the power of the Jews over the majority Christian body. So in both cases, we would have a qualitative minority taking over a quantitative majority to use it against the enemy. In other words, Islamists position themselves in an implicit war of religion between the Jewish-Christian alliance and the Shiite-Sunni alliance, in which they see themselves as the Good having to fight the Evil embodied by the other one.

The Islamic Internationale uses a double strategy, operating both in the East and in the West. Its terror attacks are designed not to make as many victims as possible, but to cause middle and long-term repercussions which might turn to its advantage. Besides, Muhammad said: « Islam has become powerful thanks to its strong ability to terrorize the enemy ». In fact, the primary goal of terror attacks throughout the world is to spread terror in the adversary camp, so as to create there a psychosis of fear and destabilize it with minimum effort. That’s why their attacks are spaced out in time and don’t seem to follow any logic; they must remain elusive. Their objective is none other than to call the « enemy of God » to order, to make him understand that the latter is still present on the international scene.

Yet this destabilization of the enemy power does follow a very simple logic: fundamentalists strike the civil population of the targeted country to stir it up against its own government, making the citizen think that the latter is unable to protect him efficiently. The result is immediate: powerful governments suddenly risk reflecting a weak, negative image, as is currently the case for the West which is losing more and more credibility in the eyes of its citizens.

Islamism, whether fundamentalist or terrorist, aims at the maximum to get the minimum. That’s how it enables, through its policy of terror, so-called moderate movements to be better accepted in their host countries. On this point, I know of no worse case than France’s; she legitimates their action by creating an Islamism of France under the patronage of the State, designed to represent the French Arab-Muslim community whose members don’t even remotely recognize themselves in this CFCM (French Council of the Muslim Cult). It is, if I dare say, « thanks to » the terror attacks committed on her soil that France started to take an interest in this community, so as to better understand and manage it – hence the failed attempt to create the Islam of France.

In Arab-Muslim countries racked by barbarity, governments themselves are implementing an institutional return to the practices of Islam so as to stand in the way of Islamists, whereas they’re only indirectly meeting the latter’s requirements. It’s a way of saying: « We’re going to do exactly what you want to, but we won’t give up power for all that ». So, instead of helping their populations escape the grip of religion, current governments are crippling them even more to keep the reins of power. Instead of progressing toward modernity by insisting more on the separation of Mosque and State, the latter makes repeated speeches « in the name of God » and official representations during religious celebrations to reinforce the ignorance of the masses.

Among the indirect targets of international terrorism and fundamentalism, economy – and especially tourism and foreign investments – is the most hit, due to the climate of insecurity pervading all levels of society.

Moreover, responsibility for terror attacks is not always claimed by their real instigators. It’s a way to confuse the issue and the enemy, both in the Eastern and Western world. Disinformation is spread at all levels to have a foreign force intervene and thus obtain what would be impossible otherwise. The most flagrant example is the American attack on Iraq. Everyone knows that the Islamists’ sworn enemy is Saddam Hussein, because he knows perfectly well how they work and he represents a major obstacle to them taking power in Iraq – in the way they had done it in Iran. And September 11th was the ideal opportunity to implicate Iraqis, thus indirectly triggering a war to depose Saddam and eventually take the reins of power, with the thougthless help of Americans who constantly err through ignorance. Islamists alone would never have managed to cause the fall of this notorious dictator.

So we see how fundamentalist Islamism benefits, directly or not, « moderate » and state islamism, which both work, knowingly or not, for world domination – a project that will become a reality if we don’t act immediately against this plague of the 21st century.

By what means can we unmask them and thwart their plans?
Even though there is no miracle solution, several alternatives can be used to curb this threat. First and foremost, you need to be fully aware that the takia’s ultimate goal is to dominate the whole world in the name of one mass ideology, Islam, and of one god, Allah. But that goal will remain unachievable as long as adverse forces will be fiercely opposing it.

What we have here is a real science-fiction situation which we should consider seriously to limit the damage as much as possible. We should certainly not underestimate what Orthodox Islam is capable of; just go back in its history and you’ll see all it could achieve in a very short time. And the return of the Mehdi, a character made up from start to finish, will not go unnoticed; with today’s media, Islamists are sure to mobilize the masses thanks to these simple words: « The Mehdi has returned ».

Muhammad, who well knew the weak points of his religion, said: « I do not fear for you the outside enemy; but I greatly fear the enemy coming from the inside ». This hadith simply reveals from which angle Islamism can be attacked; any change in Arab-Muslim countries can come only from within. Conversely, tackling Islamism from the outside only strengthens it more and more, day after day.

In my opinion, the war against this global threat can bear fruit only if each and every one of us actively takes part in it, according to our respective means. You should know that Islamism is based on five great circuits; so in the first place we should join forces on five vessels to stop their productivity sooner or later, which will eventually cause them to disappear.

First military vessel:
1) First and foremost, we should eliminate outside elements that feed hatred within Arab-Muslim countries, such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which could be partially resolved by the creation of a Palestinian State next to the Israeli State. The status of Jerusalem should be postponed and settled later; until then, let’s keep the boundaries recognized in 1967. This major pretext should be taken away from Islamists who are constantly feeding on it to stir up the popular masses and win their sympathies.

2) Then, Americans and their allies should absolutely withdraw from Iraq to let it rebuild from within in full independence under the control of the U.N. Now that the damage is done, let’s try to limit it. You should know that Saddam, although he was a notorious dictator, never dealt with Islamists even if he was their sworn enemy; that’s why his fall was an unprecedented gain of time and victory for Islamists. The devastating action of Americans should be curbed; they know nothing of the Arab and Muslim worlds, and their egoism seems boundless. They don’t care about the rest of the world and have only their interest in mind; that’s why they keep supporting the Wahabi regime in Saudi Arabia and once helped establish Al Qaida – which first backfired on them before extending its attacks to the whole world. And now, the Americans are opening a new training camp in Iraq, still in the name of the fight against the « Axis of Evil ». After Iran, we are going to witness the creation of a new Afghanistan, and in a few years, we’ll see Iraqi Islamic terrorists cropping up all over the globe, just as we saw with Afghan Arab terrorists.

3)We need an international counter-terrorism cell composed of specialists from around the world and endowed with unlimited means to protect humanity from this imminent threat concerning every single one of us. This cell should be placed under the direction of the U.N. and consist of two bodies:

a) A body collecting information on behalf of an independent secret service. Its role would be to infiltrate, observe and control the various Islamic movements and the methods used to create new terrorist networks.

b) A rapid intervention force under the control of the U.N., ready to strike and neutralize terrorists anywhere in the world, in cooperation with local services that should come to its assistance every time needed.

There is a strong difference between a terrorist and an Islamist. The first one is a criminal against humanity and, whether active or passive, he should be hit wherever he is and without the slightest hesitation. The Islamist, for his part, should be helped and put under close supervision so that he doesn’t reach the point of no return by swelling the ranks of terrorists.

It is also essential to make the distinction between a Muslim and an Arab. This frequent confusion results from ignorance of the other, and therefore fuels, in its manner, this rise of religious fundamentalism. We should learn to put things into perspective so as not to systematically aggress any veiled woman or bearded man. It is this kind of discrimination that causes incomprehension and rejection of the other. The popular mass should be made aware of this danger so it can take part in this struggle as far as possible. I am against the veil in schools and public services, just as I’m opposed to any ostentatious religious sign in such places, but I have no objection to women wearing the veil in public places where anyone, as long as they’re of age, is free to do whatever they want with their body. I am staggered every time I’m checked by the police just because I have a beard or because I look the part. But though I personally can understand this type of reaction, others find it a bitter pill to swallow and become easy preys for recruiting Islamists.

What we are fighting is an archaic ideology, and not physical persons; we don’t seek to replace one intellectual terrorism with another one – far from it – but to protect ourselves and defend our right to difference and freedom of thought at all levels. The majority that has remained « silent » so far should unite all around the world to form, inside and outside of Arab-Muslim countries, an invincible force capable of facing this terrorist and fascist minority which recognizes only itself.

Second cultural vessel:
The only efficient solution to attack evil at its root comes from the free minds born in this part of the globe, because they have full knowledge of the facts. This elite should do everything possible to launch a cultural revolution against the intellectual and religious slavery that seeks to maintain the masses under its guardianship, so as to exploit them as much as possible and reach their internationalist goals while despising the only sacred value that be: the right to life. To launch this revolution, several points should be taken into account and urgently realized:

1) Closing some organs of the written and audiovisual press, as well as some satellite channels, is not enough to put an end to the Islamic or pro-Islamic propaganda. A law should be promulgated in that way to plug any breach through which Islamists could infiltrate to impose on us a new policy of indoctrination and brainwashing, which is already endured daily by a powerless population unable to put things into perspective.

2) The doings of free spirits should be protected from any risk of abusive censorship. Atheists in the Arab-Muslim world should have the right to express freely and safely. We should stop worrying about religious sensibilities to the detriment of the freedoms of speech and thought which, every time they appear in an atheist’s mouth, systematically cause a sentence of apostasy followed by a death sentence, without anyone daring to oppose it. Ex-Muslims claim the right to raise their voices as high as the religious’ without being called Islamophobists, traitors or heathens, only because they dared to think for themselves without referring to any divine nature.

3) The world’s media should give a voice to specialists, free-thinkers, atheists, laymen and all open-minded and tolerant persons, so they can make the general public aware of how widespread this dangerous disease is.

4) The National Education programme should be revised at all levels – primary, secondary and academic – to meet the requirements of our time. Moreover, the government should enable and encourage the publication of books criticizing Islam in its foundations, whether in Arab or in any other language, and finance the creation of television channels and radio stations, as well as atheist and secular press organs, to help the masses wake up from their ancestral lethargy and extricate themselves from the Islamic grip.

5) The government should isolate all the religious leaders and officials who prone proselytism to better despoil the simple-minded of their identities. Just as it is forbidden for sects, soliciting in the streets and public places should also be proscribed for the followers of a religion.

Third social vessel:
The absence of the right to self-determination is particularly flagrant in Arab-Muslim countries which, because they are still mired in religious obscurantism, continue to fear reprisals and divine punishment. The prevailing patriarchal system prevents children from fulfilling themselves and causes them to develop serious identity crises, which become more and more difficult to handle as they grow. Frustration and hypocrisy in the sexual realm are emerging at all levels of society, thus producing an implicit double morality that is gradually becoming a known and renowned custom. Things left unsaid accumulate more and more every day – I’m thinking particularly of female and especially male homosexuality, that no one dares mention within their own family for fear of being immediately marginalized, or even condemned and imprisoned for disrespecting the country’s mores.

In view of this state of things, three points should be realized:
1) Children should be protected from any parental influence and have the right to freely choose their way. The parents’ role is limited to assisting them. The religion that is transmitted from generation to generation should stop imposing itself. Anyone should be free to choose the most suitable religion for them, to change it whenever they want or to have no religion at all, without for all that endangering their reputation or life. .

2) The government should abolish all the laws governing the private lives of citizens. In fact, freedom of morals prompts them to adopt a responsible behavior instead of living forever under guardianship, like incompetents devoid of internal judgment.

3) More non-governmental organizations should be created to make up for the inadequacies of the State, which cannot alone assume all the work while meeting the needs of its citizens. Animal protection societies are much more active than those defending human rights. The money spent today on building mosques and printing free copies of the Koran ought to be first and foremost allocated to the new secular groups that are springing up and just want to be managed and supported so they can pursue their work with dignity.

Fourth political vessel: Our most urgent need is not to establish democracy – unfortunately, we are still very far from it. All we long for is freedom of speech, so we can finally be ourselves and accept ourselves as such. Establishing a democracy nowadays would permanently plunge us into an Islamic dictatorship, from which we’d have an even harder time freeing ourselves. In fact, such a regime would oppress even more the popular masses so its power doesn’t fall into the hands of Islamic diktat. To avoid coming to this extremity, we should apply the following points:

1) Forbid the creation of any political movement with a religious connotation. Even those who put on most moderate faces should not be allowed to run in free elections. Only progressive and non-religious parties respectful of the right to difference should be allowed as representatives of a nation with a secular constitution, which speaks on behalf of its people and their needs, and not on behalf of a God and his whims.

2)Offer a helping hand to reformed Islamists instead of dooming them to certain decay by sending them back into the Islamists’ nets. We should urge them to desert the enemy’s camp and to denounce it. Likewise, we should repair as much as possible the damage caused by their distraction, due to their young age and their ignorance of the disastrous consequences of their involvement for the future of humanity. Instead of denying them any hope of rehabilitation by permanently labelling them as “Islamists”, we should on the contrary – even if reluctantly – urge them to testify so we can better define evil, and not cripple them even more by driving them back into the enemy’s ranks.

3)Be careful of the Islamic or pro-Islamic states that put on the mask of open-mindedness and tolerance whereas their leaders don’t have any respect for such values. Pressure should be put on those regimes to drive them to choose the path of progress and consider the various elements of their societies. Until then, they should be isolated and marginalized as much as possible so they eventually wear out, slowly but surely.

Fifth economic vessel:

Islamists are not short of financing sources to better extend their tentacles throughout the world. Between the religious obligations of the zakat (alms) and the khoums (a sort of wealth tax), the donations of wealthy businessmen and merchants who seek thereby to atone for their sins, and the financial support from Arab-Muslim states that enables the proliferation of mosques all around the world – on the pretext that Arab-Muslim culture and identity need to be defended and protected from the Western invasion – I think there are good times ahead for Islamists. On the other hand, those who take action to help improve the situation by calling for the separation of Mosque and State receive by way of support only a few words of encouragement half-heartedly voiced. That’s why it is urgent to provide this growing fraction of the population with adequate means so they can face this blight and slow down its advance.

To this end, we should:
1) Create a slogan for this campaign against obscurantism that should appear in all the media without exception, to raise funds while raising public awareness of the threat of this plague.

2) Create an international monetary fund under the aegis of the United Nations, to have states help finance the projects working in this direction.

This plague should be fought on a global scale and in all fields, whether political, cultural, social, economic, etc. All individual and collective actors should take part in this struggle, which should be carried out simultaneously on the long, medium and short term. You were born Muslim, but you want your children to be free to choose their religions. You are living in war and you want your children to live in peace. So let’s act together now in this way:

The very first thing to do to fight the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism is to break the masses out of their ignorance and have them open their eyes on this threat. Instruction has nothing to do with the number of diplomas – despite their low rate of illiteracy, Western countries are shockingly ignorant of their neighbouring cultures. However, the lack of information in Third World countries makes a vital breeding ground for Islamic fanaticism and obscurantism. This rule applies on an international scale and at every level, including at the highest level of many states that continue to grant political refugee status to notorious Islamists, on the pretext that they were victims of dictatorships in their native countries.

The Islamic Internationale should be deprived of its two major assets: on the one hand, the ignorance, inconscience and honesty of the great majority of men and women, and on the other hand, the international order that considers only the material and concrete aspect of things. Yes indeed, presumption of innocence in the absence of tangible evidence is the infallible weapon of Islamists against the Western world and democracy.

The solution lies in the hands of all the free spirits in the world. We should work hand in hand to eradicate this blight that is eating away at us more and more every day. Instead of giving constant media coverage to the horrors committed by Islamists, and thereby giving them more and more publicity, you’d better offer a helping hand to those who advocate peace between peoples, far, very far away from religious authority. All those who take part in this media coverage are only fueling this unprecedented rise of obscurantist views that lives on human foolishness.

The takia is, on the one hand, a science, and on the other hand, a practice, a behavior, a tactic, a protection and a strategy. It is a stage you must have experienced before starting the next one. However it is difficult to consider the issue from all angles in so little time; that’s why I chose here to deal only with those who knowingly practice the takia, on an occasional or permanent basis.

I’m not trying to plunge you into a paralyzing and useless paranoia; I just want you to put things into perspective and be aware of the danger without giving it more importance than it already has. In my opinion, the Eastern world works differently from the Western world. If the latter is forever asking for evidence in the name of rationalism, Easterners can easily do without it in the name of intuition. If Westerners call Easterners Illuminists, the latter regard those as naive and simple-minded beings who don’t try to look beyond appearances, if not further. Though we Easterners may be living a bit too much in the hidden world, you Westerners are living a bit too much in the apparent to feel the Islamic threat at its true value, and especially to understand and integrate its operating mode, so as to fight it efficiently. However, you should know that Islamists had the modesty to assimilate your operating mode while keeping theirs, which gives them a clear lead ahead of you on this level. Unfortunately, this is a one-way underestimation, which only makes matters worse. No matter if the Islamic attitude seems logical to you or not, the main thing is to be aware that thousands of people blindly believe in it. Even if you think this is all pure science-fiction, you have to consider it if you want to be ready to face it when the day comes.

By : Labidi Karim Mohamed


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